Bon Voyage


It all started three years ago when I promised my family that we would celebrate my one year remission by going on a trip for Christmas.  Tulum, Mexico became our destination and my goal throughout the year to get there.

The following year we celebrated two years and returned.

This year we return to celebrate each other.

I am going for the first time in active treatment, not maintenance.  The side effects, some fear of being out of the country and not bringing my A game can not stop me.  This trip is what I will not let cancer take from me.  Being all together, especially when all three children live out of the home, one is flying in from Tel Aviv, far out weighs any negative thoughts and fears.

What this trip is becoming is our way to celebrate the closeness, no matter what is happening in our lives, that we feel for each other and that we got another year. Remission or no remission.

 We understand now that life can be fragile and no matter how much we pretended we did before, we do now.  I wish we all could of stayed blissfully ignorant of how fast life can change, but something happened along the way, it has made us become a family who doesn’t take advantage of time spent together, we don’t hold back and I really like it this way.

All year we squeal at the thought that Tulum will come in December.  It remains my goal to get there and I like goals.

Every year I leave cancer at the gate.  I do this week my way, which means a few broken rules and a reckless abandon that I do not feel throughout the year.  Mom will  embarrass you, I’m thinking karaoke or maybe the mom dance that they’ll all roll their obviously blind eyes to.


So here’s to year three, too many margaritas, loads of laughs, SPF 150, food til we burst our cotton pants and a deep love and respect we share with each other.

I wish all of you the Happiest of Holidays, and I’ll drink a toast on your behave.

Bon Voyage.


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