Cancer Is Not Like The Movies



Doctor:  Sit down Donna, we have some bad news for you.  So sorry but your cancer has returned.  Here’s some tissues.  We are going to do everything in our power to get you back into remission.

Me:  I understand everything you are saying and I will do whatever it takes.  A hug and kiss and many I love you’s from hubby.


Doctor:  Your light chains are going up, we are going to start a new treatment today.

Me:  Tears, f-bombs, what does this mean????  And a hubby looking just as daze and confused.

This past six weeks has been filled with many treatment side effects and an overall confusion I have not experienced since the beginning of my cancer journey.

This is not because of my Doctor, for she is brilliant, her job is to keep me alive.  But us cancer patients speak our own language.  We speak about numbers, side effects and remission.

Am I in remission?  Are you in remission?  What’s the plan?  What’s your plan?

I went to my Doctor’s appointment yesterday armed with a with pen, paper and numerous questions.

I am not in remission.

I am stable.

I will not stay on this current treatment because of its side effects.

We have a plan.

I will get back to remission.

Starting in January, I will begin Immunotherapy.  A range of these therapies help the immune system attack cancer and have an impact greater than anything doctor’s have seen in battling Multiple Myeloma.  They have also shown to expand patient’s survival rate.

Sign me up.

Cancer is not like the movies, you don’t get 32 takes to make every cancer scenario right, but you can surly learn from the first 31.

I’m learning I need a plan to conquer, understanding when I’m confused and cancer friends to balance it all out.

I think I’m ready for my close up.