It’s All About Family


I just returned home from an adventure that included 17 members of my family gathering for a remarkable 5 days in Oakley, Utah on a ranch.

Everyday included adventures such as white water rafting, skeet shooting, horseback riding and just about anything the 17 of us could think of doing while gathering at Twilight Moon Ranch.

I relished every moment with my own family, so happy that my three children could be together with their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, playing like they did when they were younger.

And there was no talk of cancer.

I was free, not from chemo and side effects, but from thinking about it.

Sure there was some long naps and some queasy moments, but not once did I think I was a weak link, nor did anyone else.

We hadn’t even left when talk of where our next adventure would be, because for all of us, no matter what each one of us is going through…

It’s all about family.

It really does see us through.


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