Can’t We Just Keep This About ME


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, when you get cancer in your family there should be a pass for all other medical problems.

This isn’t working out so well for me because 30 years ago I decided to marry a man so unlike myself, who’s motto is “Go Big or Go Home” and he’s passed his dare devil ways unto my children.  They love sports with wheels, engines, mountains and travel that takes them to places I’ve never dreamt of going.

This handsome devil in the picture is my son Hunter, who rides his BMX bike everyday after work with the pros and challenges himself like he’s partaking in their next big tournament.  Last week had him landing on his stomach and rupturing his spleen.

Just like their father, they have the will and strength to brush off these injuries and make it their mission to get back to adventure.

Mom here as always played it safe, lectured it’s time to quit and has tried any way I can to guilt them into taking up chess.

I know there has to be a lesson in this somewhere, because Ms Safe here is the one who got cancer doing nothing.  I’m hoping they now see, that I too am forging ahead with what life is throwing at me and I don’t even have a great tale to tell about what got me on this adventure to begin with.

Hunter is going to make a full recovery, Mom’s emotions are trying to do so too.

 I’m beginning to let go of the bubble I’d like the whole family to be in.  We all want to live forever and we know how that goes, so maybe the Zip Line isn’t such a bad idea on our next family vacation.

While I’d like for everyone to just make life about me, I do believe the only where that is going to happen is on this blog.

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