Reality Check


There are times in the journey I call reality checks, this past week was one of those times.

I was diagnosed with a respiratory virus that effects infants called RSV which led to pneumonia.  Reality check…I really do have a weak and immature immune system.

Five days in the hospital receiving IV antibiotics in a unit reserved for us cancer patients with respiratory issues.  Reality check…I might not die from cancer but from all the complications from being treated for it.

There was so much reality during this stay that I felt a complete meltdown coming on. These setbacks can take on as big of an emotional toll on your body as the physical one that caused it.

My family and friends who love me, like to list out the realities I’m already overwhelmed with.  You should not travel again, you need to take it easy, you don’t listen to your body, I will be monitoring your every move.  Somehow the only thing I’m hearing is, THIS IS YOUR FAULT!!!!!

Please be aware the ones that love us cancer patients, we are living everyday to escape our reality.  If not going on that trip can spare us a little more time, no thanks.  Most of us need to keep moving or we’d be giving in to the one thing cancer loves the most, FEAR!

So while I’ve had many reality checks in the past week, the most important has occurred since I’ve been home, the reality that I’m pretty darn strong, this did not break me and I’m getting dressed.

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