Back To My Fashion Roots


I just returned home from a trip to my birthplace New Jersey with my mom and sister.  We stayed with my youngest sister and her family.

I had one mission on this trip and that was to see my two Aunts who inspired me from a very young age to love fashion.

My mother always sacrificed and made sure all four of her daughters were presentable every time we left our home, but my Aunts were my fashion idols.

No matter what events were occurring in their lives, they were always dressed to perfection and I could never get enough of how cool I thought and still think they are.

They will probably never know how this little girl inside me wanted so badly to conduct her own life the same way.  Getting dressed for what the day held.

Cancer has made me a wee sentimental and have a yearning to express what other’s have meant to me in my life.  It also makes me believe at times that any day something could change in my health and it might be the last time we are together.

I hope this is not true and I get to witness how they wear their orthopedic shoes with flair, because this fashionista wants to follow in their footsteps.

So for now, I will continue to do what my two sassy Aunts taught me a long time ago…

Get Dressed.

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