Mother’s Gratitude


Mother, Cancer, Teenager, these three things should never go together.

My teenaged daughter was just 15 when she heard her mother had a last stage cancer, a time when most teens are just figuring out who they are and are pulling away from their folks.

My heart hurt for her the most.  Already a mother to two son’s 7 and 10 years old when she was born, they were young adults already navigating the world and in my mind they would be ok.  I had done my job and all of their teenage angst was long gone and they had made this mom proud and they knew it.

I am overwhelmed with gratitude everyday that I am still here to send my sweet daughter out into the world and watch her become everything she wants to show her mother she can be.

Time with her is what I am most grateful for.  To work out the issues in our Mother/Daughter relationship, to remind her that this time is about her, not me and mostly to let her know how proud I am of the young lady she is turning into.

I am not sure I would be the mother I am today if I had not had cancer for it has made me speed up the things I thought could wait, say the things I might not of said, forgive and ask for forgiveness for what might have been brushed under the parental rug and love my children in a way they will have enough of it for their lifetime.

And I am grateful.

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