The Tongue, Really?


It’s been almost two months since I began a new chemo regimen of Velcade shots to the tummy twice monthly.

I was so grateful to get off the other one that I often tell myself any new side effects are surely better, until a few days ago when my tongue began looking like it’s been put through a meat grinder.

Chemo just doesn’t discriminate between destroying the good parts along with the bad and it’s such a challenge picking which parts you care most about.

Now I’m sure my husband wouldn’t mind if I was rendered mute, but I just like talking too much to not try battling this.  Today I went on a prescription mouth rinse that I’m hoping has me gabbing again soon without a speech impediment and will just numb the whole darn thing.

I can often be found sulking and feeling sorry for myself when I’m alone, because I really hate all these ailments that feel like they wouldn’t be happening without having to be in treatment.  So please know you are not alone in having these same kinds of feelings.  Go ahead and feel away!

Yes I am grateful to be alive, in remission and getting dressed, but the tongue, REALLY?

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