Humor And Cancer


Is there really humor in cancer?

I happen to think so, especially if you make friends with other cancer patients who talk openly about all the dirty details about treating it.

I have made such friends and one of them thought it might be a good idea to make this Fashionista a designer adult diaper, because chemo doesn’t discriminate what end it would like to exit your body.  We found humor in this fact.

It is so important to find these kinds of friends, the ones who have decided to laugh at the absurdity of it all right along with you.

And while I’m very lucky to not have to rely on adult diapers, I am so blessed to have friends who would laugh along with me if I did and it would be in a designer one.

 Connect with other warriors, check the resources where you are treated, join a group, join online chats, whatever works for you, but find your cancer friends!  The ones you can cry with, but laugh just as hard when needed.

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