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I made the mistake I promised myself years ago that I would never do again, I went on a medical google search.

I started a new chemo treatment called Velcade and being one who does not ask many questions or hears information the way one should, I’m probably looking around at shoes (one nurse had on a really cute pair), I thought I heard something about the drug causing anxiety.

The evening after I had my last treatment, I began to experience my heart pounding and I felt so anxious.  So what’s a girl to do?  I went on an internet search Velcade and anxiety.

Most information comes from discussion groups made up mostly of patient’s spouses or family members and this is what stuck out first, “get off Velcade it killed my dad”!!!   What?  More discussions centered around the neuropathy I was sure to get which had me believing I would in no time be using a walker.

By now my anxiety turned into sadness which then turned into anger that I went on the internet to begin with.

People are rightly upset and devastated about having cancer or watching one of their loved ones suffer with it and the internet is where they find it best to vent.  And boy do they vent.

So my advice to you is, stay off the internet!!!!

You need information, call your doctor.

 I also get some of my best tips from patients I have met personally who not only talk about how bad side effects can be but add in some positive information along with it.

Gonna run, time to goole shoes!

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