Getting My Chakra Right


I’ve pretty much been up for anything this past few months in discovering alternative ways to help me feel my best.

I visited the Chakra Shack and can now be found rubbing 109 crystal beads at night in the form of a rosary chanting, “I will stay in remission”, while twirling each one. If you ever come by and there’s a funky smell in my house, it’s just my Palo Santo Mystic Matches that I use to clear away any bad vibes.

Yesterday found me at The Hydration Room getting an IV Immune Support Infusion.  It was very hard to choose which one I wanted with names like Happy Tummy, Skin Health, Energy Boost and Wellness on the list, as I wanted each one, but thought my immune should probably come first.

On my alternative journey I’ve heard many incredible tales, one woman told me her Uncle’s enormous tumor miraculously shrunk after religiously getting infusions (she worked there).  The crystal world and getting your chakra right was filled with miracles which not only included good health but financial success, love, good vibes, emotional wellbeing, bad vibe removal and much much more.

By now you’re wondering if any of this has worked.  In my mind, they have.  Because that’s probably the biggest lesson I’ve discovered so far.  My mind plays such an important role in my health.

I believe when I’m chanting, that I will stay in remission as many do when they pray or have a strong faith.  I felt hydrated and prepared for any germs that might come my way after my hydration.  I’ve learned to keep an open mind about alternative ways other’s cope and heal.  And while I do not believe that alternative medicine can heal of us of our cancer (not seen that work out so well), it can be a partner in helping us feel our best and that’s really what I wanted all along.

 Maybe all of us need to believe more in what we want and I’ve appreciated how each practice is filled with true believers.

This week will find me at The Float Lounge in an Epsom Salt tank which I’m told will help me shut out the external world, diminish my senses and just be with my mind. It can relieve stress, anxiety, depression, joint pain, increase creativity, clarity and endless other possibilities.

Now how could I pass up all of that?


2 thoughts on “Getting My Chakra Right

  1. Hi Donna,

    You are on several “right tracks” when you suggested the power of the mind in helping/healing the body. The hydration room is a good start for restoring health, but it lacks the systematic, data driven approach that can guide “alternative”/naturopathic medicine to effectively treat cancer. and the centuries old approach to unblocking energy pathways… it is a scientific for everything in the universe is made of energy… just vibrating at various frequencies… one cannot outright deny the hope in energy health be it thru acupuncture, crystals, meridians, etc etc..

    continue exploring all options, and definitely seek data driven evidence for all claims in the alternative route as well!

    If you are open to learning more about natural, low toxic and effective options for treating cancer, I honestly have a referral for you to explore. He’s an MD oncologist who works with both Western medicine AND natural therapies, taking the best of both worlds to get results. he’s local too.. in Newport Beach.. most find him only after they’ve exhausted all conventional options and their oncologist tells them there’s nothing left for them to do and “good luck.”

    here’s a quick vid testimony i can share:

    it’s late but I’ll connect with you tomorrow over ig when i get a chance to share more if you’re open to hearing more!

    God bless!


    1. Thanks for your message. I love my Doctor and City Of Hope and I’m not trying to “cure” cancer away from Western Medicine, but find ways to deal with side effects of the chemo that I must stay on to stay in remission. To listen once again to my body and be still in my mind. I’m very blessed to have had a successful Stem Cell Transplant. Best to you!


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