These Boots Were Made For…


Today I drove on three different freeways for over an hour to my Doctor’s appointment in a three inch pair of cranberry colored boots.

It is never lost on me that I get way too dressed up for these appointments and logically speaking, not the best choice of shoes for stop and go traffic.

 When I go to any appointments at City Of Hope, I strut down the hallways trying not to remember when I was one of the hairless patients, in a wheel chair feeling scared and at times so sick I refused to make eye contact with any passerby’s and instead walk now like I’m possibly an employee going to conduct business.

My Doctor who is rocking quite the shoe collection herself, is often met by me talking more about her shoes and mine, instead of asking about my labs.

I wouldn’t have it any other way though, because I do remember the part of that woman broken in a wheel chair who couldn’t wait to get dressed again.

So if you’re ever at City Of Hope and see a gal strutting her stuff, she’ll be more than happy to give you directions or answer your questions, just like she works there.

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