It’s Not Over Til There’s A Cure


There are so many different types of cancers.  Some, they take out, use treatments or both and tell you you’re cured, come back for check-ups and go live your life.

Then, there are the remission kinds.  You might have surgery, treatments and then thank your lucky stars everyday that you’re one of the lucky ones who have gone into remission.

And the worst kind, terminal and you fight with any means you have to add time unto your life.

 I felt so grateful to have the remission kind.

I entered into my cancer journey so broken I did everything to get into the remission  promised me and I did it naively.  I had no idea, because I found it best to stay off the internet (not good information on Multiple Myeloma) and just stick with the goal of getting there, that I didn’t know until I did, that staying there would include treatment for the rest of my life.

It’s called Maintenance.  For some, it’s a cocktail of anti rejection drugs, for others like me who used their own stem cells during transplants, chemotherapy in pill form.

I have had a love/hate relationship with Maintenance that would rival any soap opera’s character once on TV and have convinced myself many times that I AM DONE!!!

And then it happened, my sweet, strong warrior sister, who was the first Multiple Myeloma patient to reach out to me, fell out of remission.

Her strength and courage to fight once again has been so inspiring to me, not to mention her friendship, knowledge about our cancer that I count on, phone calls, texts, lunches and just the fact she is so generous with all of it.  She would do anything to be on the successful maintenance program that I am.

So while I despise every side effect that I hide so well, I believe maintenance is worth every one of them now and pop each pill for the other warriors fighting, who would gladly trade.

It’s not over yet.


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