Dear Medical Gods


Dear Medical Gods, have we reached our quota yet?

I do believe that once cancer hits your family, you should get a pass for all other medical problems.

Don’t you understand Medical Gods that I want ALL the attention on me?  I’ve planned out in my mind that we will spend the rest of our lives traveling, dining, laughing and just having a roaring good time!

“No”, said the Gods, you have a dirt bike loving husband who will have a spiral fracture (in leg), need surgery, spend months scooting around on wheels and then right when you see the light, will get a infection causing him to start all over again.

Ok, ok, ok, I think I’ve learned my lesson.  Life will not rotate around me, we are not immune to injuries, diseases or what life throws our way and I am strong enough to help my loved ones get through their tough times ahead.

What our future holds is taking care of each other, being grateful for each day, maybe using a few medicinals to laugh along the way and most importantly, know that together we can conquer anything!


2 thoughts on “Dear Medical Gods

  1. I had similar conversations with God and then… The one who helped me thru 10 breast cancer surgeries and eight round of chemo died unexpectedly on Christmas Day. All our plans went poof! You’ve had a terrible setback but I have a hunch you’ll both be just fine! Brava sister girl. Well done! Brenda


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