Be A Fighter


What makes you continue to fight?

I’m not talking about spouses, kids, family, the loves of our lives.  I’m talking about what makes you get up everyday and face the challenges ahead?

I remember moving to California in the first grade from New Jersey and spotting on the first day of my new school, a pair of sandals a classmate wore and knowing that if I just had those shoes, my life would be perfect.

My sweet mother, after I could be found gazing lovingly at those sandals while she went grocery shopping (a giant store Gemco, that was probably the Costco of our times) finally bought me those sandals and to this first grade misfit, they rocked my world.

I’ve never considered talking to a therapist about my obsession with my love of getting dressed, what ever it is, it’s served its purpose and is now seeing me through cancer, remission and every bad day I have.

I’m now sharing that journey on Instagram and I have started to follow other’s who have found ways to create with challenges they face in their own lives.

What ever fight you face, use that thing that makes you keep fighting and no matter what that might be, who cares what it looks like to others.  In fact I’d like to know, because so far, I’ve been pretty inspired by the way fighters fight.





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