All Dogs Go To Heaven


I came home this past week to discover our beloved family dog Bubba passed away on the living room floor.

He was just not himself over the past couple of weeks and being so in tune with what one feels like when they are at their lowest, I gave him his space.  My husband who is the eternal optimist would not even go there and believed when a vet visit had him convinced the dog was just constipated.  But I knew inside.

Our family is devastated, but has found solace in the fact that he did not have to go through months of an ugly diagnosis or treatments, which has led me to believe that this is just the way I would like to go.

Peacefully lying on the living room floor, shopping bags sprawled out around me, leading my loved ones to believe I had a great shopping day.

RIP Bubba

10 thoughts on “All Dogs Go To Heaven

  1. Donna, so sorry for your loss. I had the pleasure of meeting your sweet guy when he and Jack had returned from a walk. He was blessed by being a member of your family❤️


  2. Oh Donna, so sorry for your loss, I’m preparing for my little guy to go. He’s 12 & has 2 tumors. We are currently filling his bucket list 😊🐶
    ❌⭕️ Sending you big hugs


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