You should be a stylist, decorator, merchant, salesperson, something……..

  Not sure if my passion for wanting to be a housewife and stay at home mom was a decision I made because of my lack of confidence to do anything else or what seemed at the time, one that I had dreamt about my whole life and thought was so important.

I’ve dabbled in many extra curricular activities along the way, which always seem to cost me more money than I ever earned and although many compliments and encouragements would roll in, having the drive to take any talent to the next level was always lost on me.

When I found Casa Teresa (shelter for women who are pregnant and alone) and used my skills, I felt blessed beyond any monetary reward and was sure that this must be my calling.

And then cancer.  It didn’t take me long to discover that Casa Teresa was really preparing me for a much bigger calling.

I discovered that all the talents that I possessed, the love I have for fashion, beautiful objects, decorating and sharing with others led me to a platform for what I truly believe is the reason I was born.

I was destined to become The Cancer Fashionista.

I know that with each warrior I meet because of this, I am more confident than ever, that I found that something.

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