The Embarrassed Blogger


It took about 395 snaps to get this picture for my social media feeds and most all of them were taken in places that I was certain no one was watching.

While I am determined in my mission to show other’s who are fighting their battles what getting dressed means to me, the public picture part gets my face turning red every time!

My dedicated photographer, favorite date and father to my children is a salesman and doesn’t have an embarrassed bone in his body, leaving him frustrated at most of our photo shoots that his subject panics every time someone walks by.

How could I of survived one of the worst cancer’s out there and still give a hoot?  That is one of life’s mysteries I would love to solve, but until I do, I will enjoy doing the one part that comes easiest to me, getting dressed and work on my confidence that the final picture portrays a woman on a mission to fight each day with a bounce in her cute shoes.

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