You’re So Vain


I do love my new immune system, it’s really done a great job over the past couple of years, but sometimes I take advantage of its weaknesses and give it a test.

Southwest Airlines and its open call to find your own seat was my latest challenge and it didn’t work out so well.  I came home with a nasty case of bronchitis I was sure I would  die from.  (It’s a cancer thing, we think everything is trying to kill us)

 Why not board with the first passengers with special needs, find an isle seat, wear a mask and sanitize every little thing around me?  Vanity, it gets me every time!  Call attention that there could possibly anything wrong with me and ruin my make-up?  I just didn’t think so.

Because I like to sass my way around all of my ailments by my wardrobe, I sometimes buy into my own hype and if I don’t look like there could possibly be anything wrong, there must not be.  This has come with great rewards, but surely not when it comes to germs.

Today after I discovered at my doctor’s appointment that I would live to tell my vanity tale, I decided I would not be taking any more chances with my loving but fragile immune system and drove home thinking about how I could fashion a scarf around my face the next time I fly.

 Bandit Chic.

Who knows?  Maybe I will start a new fashion trend.


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