How do any of us realize our children are adults?  When they turn 18, graduate from college, begin their careers or is it when they marry?

I know exactly when I realized my first born son had became one.  He was a 25 year old long gone from our home, living in Denver, with a wonderful career and life when he received a phone call that his mother was hospitalized with a cancer diagnosis.

I needed him, something I had never experienced as a mom, who always prided herself in being in charge. And he was there.

He was there for his siblings, was a shoulder to lean on for his dad and he was an adult. He stopped his life, ran our home so his dad could be with me and not once made this mom feel like I had to take care of him.

I just spent the weekend with my adult son in Denver seeing how he runs his life and loved every second of our time together.  He really doesn’t understand how much I admire him and how he has lead the way for his siblings, but I will never stop trying to show him.

I have an adult child and two more almost there and now know what it looks like to view my children as all grown up!


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