Face Of Multiple Myeloma


I remember thinking after I started to get myself back after being ravished by Multiple Myeloma, someday I’m going to walk into a M.M.’s patient’s room and say, “I am the face of Multiple Myeloma”.  I was going to be in remission, looking normal and giving them what was so missing for me, a glimpse of a good future.

Today almost two years after that vision, I walked into the room of a beautiful young woman in the beginning stages of her stem cell transplant, filled with the same fear I had, yet longing for hope.

 I was there to inspire her, yet I gained so much more.  A sisterhood that only we know the language to, a patient who has used her journey to become so educated about our cancer that I’ll surely be asking her for advice and most importantly, the understanding that although neither one of us would choose this cancer path, we have had incredible blessings along the way.

I am the face of Multiple Myeloma.

6 thoughts on “Face Of Multiple Myeloma

  1. Tears of sadness for what you have had to endure and tears of happiness for what you have overcome and can now share with others. You are a blessing to many of us❤️


  2. Donna,

    I am so proud to say I am your mother. I know this really helped this young lady today and you too.

    Love Mom


  3. This was an incredible post Dame Donna Lou. You always move me but this essay shook me. Thank you for not just getting it, but for being IT. ❤️


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