Behind Every Picture…


I’ll admit it, before I had a blog or Instagram account, I was the person looking at the perfect pictures of other’s on social media thinking, “Really?  Your life is this picture perfect?”

So let me be perfectly honest with you.  A few hours before this picture was taken above, I was lying in bed, fatigued with a tummy ache and just feeling all around crummy from the side effects of the bone strengthening infusion I had last Thursday.

I get up and get dressed to make myself feel better and it has served me well.  I’ve actually begun to get excited to share with others what cute outfits do for me.

I guess I always missed the point before, maybe all of us are projecting what we really want in our lives in our pictures, our kids smiling, happy and successful, spouses who look like they adore us, friends who are laughing and having the best time with us and the best angle of ourselves.

Behind all my photos I am a woman who does not have a perfect life, but wants to project to you that no matter how I am feeling, getting dressed makes me believe everything will all work out.

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