Keep Going


Last Thursday my husband and I left on a trip to Park City, Utah for a wedding.  Still reeling from some some side effects from my last cycle of Chemo and traveling with a husband on a scooter made for a questionable time.


We stayed in Deer Valley and the weather, scenery and fresh air made me feel inspired to get up each day and enjoy touring around.


We even took the chair lift up and down the mountain.  We were such a spectacle with the scooter dangling along with us.


Friday night we snuck away from the rehearsal party and enjoyed a romantic dinner together.


By Saturday morning I was feeling relaxed, happy and so grateful we took this little adventure together, handicaps and all.


Saturday evening was the wedding we had come to celebrate and what a time we had.


Today I arrived home with no question it was so worth any little aches and pains we might of had to overcome.  Once again proving to myself and my followers that cancer, treatments, broken bones and what ever else it is that tries to zap the adventures we dream of taking, can be overcome by our passion to live life to the fullest and in my case, packing a really cute wardrobe to see me through.

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