One More Pill


I really try to not count down days, what a waste of every precious one, but this last week has seen me doing just that.

I’m on a 21 day cycle of the chemo pill Revlimid that Doctor’s believe helps keep some of us Multiple Myeloma patients in remission.  I’ll do whatever it takes, but like all medications, there are side effects.

I have learned how keep a few steps ahead of some and use my fashionista skills to conquer others.  I make a commitment to myself daily to put my best foot forward and that’s usually in a cute pair of shoes, but this past week has seen me wearing my heart on my sleeve as well.

I start to use “side effects” for every ache and pain and let’s not mention my mood, surely any swing must be apart of them too!

It’s important to me to share with my followers who are on their own cancer journey how much I understand the balance we must find with the treatments that are saving our lives with how they make us feel and just sharing with you makes me understand why I became The Cancer Fashionista to begin with.

It’s so important we find that thing that pulls us out of our slumps, brings us mental joy when our physical one is weak and to have each other to lean on when others might not understand.

Tomorrow I’m going to be extra sassy, my best defense.

One more pill!

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