Four Wheels Changed My Life


“Please be safe”.

This is how I end every conversation with my family.

After my own life flashed before me with a cancer diagnosis two things happened, I became completely dependent on my husband and I wanted no harm to come to him or my kids.  My fear of danger, haven’t we been through enough and the overall safety of them sky rocketed to an all time peak.  And, could I really handle another crisis?  Let’s all make the commitment to just watch TV.

My dirt bike loving husband took a year off and all was right with my world of dependency.  I was certain we had all paid our dues.  Surely everyone would think of me if they even thought about getting sick or near danger.

        Life goes on and there are no promises.  Evel Knievel went back to his sport, my kids are traveling the world, going about their lives and not wearing the bubble wrap I thought was a good idea.

  Then it happened, “Honey, I’ve crashed and shattered my leg”.  How could he do that to me?  I need my caretaker, didn’t I put him in charge?  I cried the first couple of his doctor appointments, didn’t give him the TLC he deserved and could only hear “no driving for three months”.  What is THIS patient suppose to do?

I’m in charge.  I’m not the patient.  We are not going to my doctor appointments but his and a weird thing happened along the way………

I am stronger than I thought.

A few months in I’ve realized that I’m capable of so many things I might not of known without this accident.  For as damaged and weak as I let myself believe I was, life wanted to show me otherwise.

Cancer almost let me believe I was not up anymore for the job of wife and mother.  I almost got too comfortable playing the victim too.  And while I’m hoping everyone will still consider playing it safe, Mom and Wife are back when you need her to help you pick up the pieces like she use to be.

Four wheels changed my life and the handle bars and basket come in handy too!

5 thoughts on “Four Wheels Changed My Life

  1. What a great post. Admitting your fears and victumhood. Most people don’t have a reason to be afraid but many act out in fear. Fear that manifests in ugly ways. Most people have no reason to be victims but many choose to be. And you, with all the reasons to be those things, show us the way to see through it by examining the best reason not to be. The ones you love and in turn, you. Nice!


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