Mary Jane


Boy do I understand pain.

My cancer journey has seen me wearing a Fentanyl patch, being prescribed Vicodin, Tramadol, Oxycondene, Oxycontin and that’s just to name a few.

How lucky am I that I live in California where the voters finally realized the merit of Marijuana away from just it’s recreational use?

Instead of becoming a hardened drug user of these pain killers handed out without a smidgen of concern for addiction and so accepted if it’s a “prescription” by those who would tell you pot should be illegal, I went to a Medicinal Doctor in Los Angeles, got a Medical Marijuana card and began a journey of discovering what works for me.

I use CBD oil everyday, which is the component of the plant that does not get you high.  I do believe it has helped me with inflammation, nausea, anxiety and possibly fight cancer.

Now I am not advocating doing what’s best for me, but The Cancer Fashionista is a proud   pothead!

One thought on “Mary Jane

  1. Love this. I had my 85 year old mother try this for pain instead of allowing her doctor to prescribe the pain pills that she became addicted to in her 60’s without a second thought. The oil worked while she needed it and she did not have to go through another recovery program for pain pill addiction. Thank you for posting.


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