Skin Deep


As many cancer patients know, treatments can wreck major havoc on our skin.  There have been times when I was literally crawling out of mine and contemplated if treatment was worth it.  Yes, dry skin can be that irritating.

After being at this for over two years, I have tested many lotions and potions and have been prescribed medicated ones when some of my problems have gotten severe.

I’d like to share with you the over the counter ones that have passed the test and now have a place in my daily skin routine.

Euerin:  I use this daily right out of the shower.

LA MER:  Although expensive, I have not found a better night time face cream.

Coconut Oil:  Lather on nightly all over my body, makes me feel like I’m on an Hawaiian vacation.

Aquaphor:  Life saver when skin is so dry you don’t mind feeling like a toss salad.  I have been known to lather this on before bed and wear a long sleeve t-shirt and pajama pants to lock in moisture.

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