Bronze Secret


Growing up in California as a pale skinned redhead, I tried numerous times to be a Sun Goddess only to end up looking like a fried green tomato.

I still yearn to have a little glow especially during these summer months, but dealing with dry skin because of a daily chemotherapy pill, I’ve stayed away from self tanners I had previously used because of the drying effect they had on my skin.

A friend recently told me her bronzed skin had not come from the vacation she’d just been on but rather from a bottle!  Best news was it did not dry her skin.

One week ago I got Tan Physics on Amazon and have been applying it daily.  Much to my surprise I have a natural glow, my skin dryness did not get worse and I’m pleasantly happy with what this pale gal considers a tan.

I hope my bronze secret is safe with you.

Mary Jane


Boy do I understand pain.

My cancer journey has seen me wearing a Fentanyl patch, being prescribed Vicodin, Tramadol, Oxycondene, Oxycontin and that’s just to name a few.

How lucky am I that I live in California where the voters finally realized the merit of Marijuana away from just it’s recreational use?

Instead of becoming a hardened drug user of these pain killers handed out without a smidgen of concern for addiction and so accepted if it’s a “prescription” by those who would tell you pot should be illegal, I went to a Medicinal Doctor in Los Angeles, got a Medical Marijuana card and began a journey of discovering what works for me.

I use CBD oil everyday, which is the component of the plant that does not get you high.  I do believe it has helped me with inflammation, nausea, anxiety and possibly fight cancer.

Now I am not advocating doing what’s best for me, but The Cancer Fashionista is a proud   pothead!

No Slip Ups Here


Just when I’ve hit the age I really don’t want to show my arms, slip dresses are everywhere.

Thank goodness some great stylist figured out a way to let us more mature fashionista enjoy the fad.

Shirt:  XIRNEA.  Slip dress:  LACAUSA.  Sandals:  ALDO.  Purse:  Vacation Find (lucky me)

Skin Deep


As many cancer patients know, treatments can wreck major havoc on our skin.  There have been times when I was literally crawling out of mine and contemplated if treatment was worth it.  Yes, dry skin can be that irritating.

After being at this for over two years, I have tested many lotions and potions and have been prescribed medicated ones when some of my problems have gotten severe.

I’d like to share with you the over the counter ones that have passed the test and now have a place in my daily skin routine.

Euerin:  I use this daily right out of the shower.

LA MER:  Although expensive, I have not found a better night time face cream.

Coconut Oil:  Lather on nightly all over my body, makes me feel like I’m on an Hawaiian vacation.

Aquaphor:  Life saver when skin is so dry you don’t mind feeling like a toss salad.  I have been known to lather this on before bed and wear a long sleeve t-shirt and pajama pants to lock in moisture.

Follow Me On Instagram


While I am happy to share my cancer journey on my blog, social media and technology is not one of my gifts.

Before having cancer, I really enjoyed your posts on sites, but my experience posting anything was when someone tagged me.

With the help and encouragement from friends and family, I am now officially an Instagram user.