Paging Dr McNutt

Today I had a Bone Marrow Biopsy under sedation and awoke in a crime scene.  Somehow my IV had been pulled out which caused me to bleed all over my clothing.

“I have a Doctor’s appointment”

“We will order you scrubs”


 Although a little dazed from my procedure, I walked the hallways towards my Dr.’s office certain I was passing as a Doctor.


I even practiced on my injured husband.


My medical career was short lived when 6 vaccinations arrived.

Nurse’s Week



Last week was National Nurse’s Week and City Of Hope had a day for us volunteers to show our appreciation by giving their nurses hand massages.

It was so rewarding to see some of the nurses I have encountered on my journey with a full head of hair and a smile on my face.

Thank goodness for all those manicures I’ve had over the years, my massage technique could almost pass as a pro!

Shoes Make Me Happy

IMG_2227    IMG_2220

Because of my hubby’s injuries we have stayed in all weekend which means I did not raise my fashion freak flag, so tonight before I go to sleep I put on two of my favorite pairs of shoes and pictured all the places we will go together once again when the patient is using his new foot scooter!

Shoes make me so happy!

Good night!