Setting A Goal

In order to inspire my family that I would be all right during my stem cell transplant, I told my children that we would go away for Christmas the following year, picking Tulum, Mexico as our destination.

I just returned home from that trip and spent 9 wonderful days with my family, proving to them and maybe myself, that maybe things are alright, a new alright.

Once I stepped off the flight there, I put away the hand sanitizer, ate what I wanted, drank many Piña Coladas, enjoyed the sun and had more energy than most of my family.  Warning:  This is not the advice my doctor gave me.

The climate, my attitude, a good week?   I’m not sure, I just know my chemo induced skin problems went away, the daily body cramps gone, no fatigue and I did not get sick!

Tulum is a jungle on the beach. Touring the Mayan Ruins, floating down canals that led to beautiful lagoons, swimming in underground cenotes with hanging calcium deposits and bats above our heads, beautiful beaches and sleeping in beds covered in mosquito netting made me feet like I was apart of a National Geographic Magazine.

Many chefs from around the globe come to this charming part of Tulum which made each meal better than the last.  And the creativity in using natural resources to decorate, made me overwhelmed with eye candy.

It was so worth the 45 mosquito bites, no make-up, not enough volts for a hair dryer, not being remotely fashionable and many times being so hot I couldn’t wait to get in our rent a car.  I’m thinking up a new goal as I type this.

I really have learned that setting a goal, what ever that may be for you, really is the best medicine.











We reached our goal!

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