Flower Power


Obsessed with a wreath I saw on a trip to San Francisco made out of vintage bits and pieces  along with handmade tissue flowers, I set out to teach myself how to do it.

29 trips to Michaels Craft store, 13 stops at the Asian $1.50 store, 1 flea market trip, 1 senior garage sale,  10 practice wreaths handed out to friends and relatives and endless glue gun burns, I finally have the headboard I was dreaming of all the way home from our trip.

Now, if we can just make it through the night without them falling on our heads!

There Are Thanks In Cancer

Thank you cancer for showing me I had the strength to fight you.

Thank you cancer for letting me know life is not forever.

Thank you cancer for letting me see the love I have in my life.

Thank you cancer for not letting me take things for granted.

Thank you cancer for the woman I am today.

And thank you cancer for making me so thankful this Thanksgiving Day.