A Fashionista’s Thoughts

I’ve spent most of my life worrying about what I could give to others, thinking this was so admirable.  So worried that when I got cancer, those others would suffer greatly without my ever giving ways.

I never took the time to feel what was being given to me or knew how to accept it, until I became ill and needed it.

I’ve now learned how to accept love when my heart feels empty, wisdom when I am not knowledgeable, encouragement when I can’t face a challenge and support when I am weak.  I can now see that whatever it was I was giving to, it was me who was most in need.  I receive now with a much bigger heart than I ever gave before.

 And while I will continue to believe that it is better to give than to receive, I think it takes a wise man who knows how to accept the gifts of others.

Everyone did fine without me, but I surely would not of, if I hadn’t learned that is was me who was really receiving beautiful gifts along the way to get me ready for this day.

Thank you.

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