A Fashionista’s Thoughts

I’ve spent most of my life worrying about what I could give to others, thinking this was so admirable.  So worried that when I got cancer, those others would suffer greatly without my ever giving ways.

I never took the time to feel what was being given to me or knew how to accept it, until I became ill and needed it.

I’ve now learned how to accept love when my heart feels empty, wisdom when I am not knowledgeable, encouragement when I can’t face a challenge and support when I am weak.  I can now see that whatever it was I was giving to, it was me who was most in need.  I receive now with a much bigger heart than I ever gave before.

 And while I will continue to believe that it is better to give than to receive, I think it takes a wise man who knows how to accept the gifts of others.

Everyone did fine without me, but I surely would not of, if I hadn’t learned that is was me who was really receiving beautiful gifts along the way to get me ready for this day.

Thank you.



Last year I was in the hospital heartbroken that I was unable to attend the Casa Teresa Gala I had worked so hard on organizing and promoting.  I had a goal this year to walk that red carpet again.

You’re never too old for a Cinderella moment, because tonight when I walked up that carpet I had one.

Endless Love Weekend


Remember when you were a teen and had your first love?  We tried to this weekend when we brought our daughter to see her boyfriend who started college at Cal Berkeley a few months ago.

Of course the lovebirds wanted nothing to do with us, so we entertained ourselves by dining, touring and acting like our own version of lovebirds, ending our weekend huddled together in a rain storm wondering who’s arthritis would flair up first!

What To Wear?


There was a mound of clothing left on my bed leading up to this photo this morning.

 Four days ago I received that phone call every cancer patient dreads, “there’s a concern with your labs and we need to see you”.

This morning had me changing into numerous outfits, certain just the right one would be better suited to really bad news.  I even considered lipstick choices.  Red would certainly smear all over my face if I broke down, better go more subtle.

The good news is, my labs improved today making the doctor believe I must of had a minor infection on last week’s causing concern and my bone marrow biopsy returned with no signs of cancer.

I think I made the right outfit choice, because it would of been really hard to skip, dance and jump for joy all the way back to my car in high heels!