Future Fashionista


Raising a teen while on the cancer journey can be tough.  There are times I want to scream, “I may not be here as long as you think”, so lets not fight, give me all those kisses I want and let’s always be happy with one another.  I want to protect her against the possibility she could lose her mom one day and have regrets.  But that’s just unfair to her.

I’ve protected her from many of my treatments, pains and fears.  I try to be authentic, but leave the intimate parts of my journey for my husband, close friends and family.  Instead, I enjoy every moment of the great times we have together, the lessons that can still be learned and always tell her I’m sorry, ask for forgiveness and forgive her when one of us blows it.

 We all really don’t know when our time is done here on earth, cancer just makes you feel like you do.   I think my girl will one day look back and know I loved her so very much through those sometimes challenging teen years and I hope I’m still by her side driving her crazy when she does.

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