Downward Doggie

Behind my pictures of cute outfits there is a women who feels weak and at times as though she could break in half.  I believed I needed to get strong to work on being strong again.

 I’m not sure where I found the strength to drag my weary and broken body into a spin and yoga class, once again shielding the outside of myself with the correct attire, but today I completed my second week.

 Each class has reconnected me to my body, the miracle it is and the love I had lost for it.  I’m forgiving it for letting me down and realizing I might not have control over the diseases that could attack it, but I certainly do with the strength I can build to confront them.

As I approach my one year anniversary of my Stem Cell Transplant and remission, I think I might just have to celebrate by doing one mean downward doggie right there in the middle of the courtyard at City Of Hope.

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