A Small Fashion Setback

I’m writing from my hospital stay at City Of Hope which began 4 days ago when a virus got the best of my Immune System.

My arrival this week found me with 104 degree temperature, a cough and body pain so bad, I was certain my diagnosis would be the Zika Virus.

    I am recovering from a virus that would be a few days of rest in a healthy person’s life, making the reality of Multiple Myeloma, a Stem Cell Transplant and a compromised Immune System, the hardest pill to swallow these past few days.

 I’ve let myself shed a few tears and have a few moments of despair, but know I will survive one more challenge.

Besides, any self respecting Cancer Fashionista would never stay down wearing a pair of skid socks that can expand to a man’s size 13 shoe!

4 thoughts on “A Small Fashion Setback

  1. Love you

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  2. I’m so sorry to hear this. I’m 35 yrs old and was diagnosed in February. I was just at City of Hope on Wednesday getting my bone marrow biopsy. I’m getting my Hickman on the 25th and in September I’ll have my new birthday. I just love your blogs. Keep that positive attitude. Prayers for a speedy recovery, you are a WARRIOR!!


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