Cute Shoes Always See Me Through


I am so privileged to be apart of a trail at City Of Hope that will hopefully one day keep us Multiple Myeloma patients in remission.  Part of this trial is having my Bone Marrow Biopsy sent to a special lab in Washington where the sensitivity of their technology enables detection of a single cancer molecule.

I was informed today that I have an estimated 19.6 Myeloma Molecules per million cells.  I was rather shocked at hearing I still have cancer, but realized I would not, nor would my doctor, have any idea of this without being apart of this trial and technology.  In fact, my doctor informed me that this test is so cutting edge, that they do not even know yet what to do with this information other than knowing that keeping us Stem Cell Transplant patients on chemo pills for maintenance is confirmed a good idea.

I am grateful to be followed so closely in my cancer journey.  There were only 65 slots available for this trial in the United States and I better be up for the information it gathers because I would never choose to not be apart of it.

I had to end my day having an IV infusion to strengthen my bones and spent the nearly 3 hours looking down at my shoes admiring how gosh darn cute they were and realizing that those test results were like finding out that out of the million great things in my life, 19 damn cancer molecules were really nothing in comparison.