It’s Me

Mother, Wife, Sister, Daughter, Friend, with cancer.  I’m so proud to be a cancer survivor, that’s why I write this blog, to hopefully show others you too can find your passion again if you are or ever have to face this disease.  But I am so ready to just be Donna again.

Presenting my best self to the world has always made my insides glow and that pilot light never went out and it seems to have caught a flame again.  My mind likes to remind me daily of what might lie ahead, so going about my day with a bounce in my step and not looking like a cancer patient has given me a reprieve from those thoughts.

I can’t wait to train to be a mentor at City Of Hope, so I can be the face of Multiple Myeloma and give those broken with this cancer hope that they too will enjoy their passions again or find new ones and life will resume to a new normal, one that can be even more exciting then they ever imagined.  Look at me, I’m a blogger now.

So, when we are together or  making introductions, remember it’s me, Donna.

My Reason


Sometimes during the hardest times of my life, there is a reason why I’m exactly where I’m suppose to be and this beautiful young lady is one of the reasons I was at City Of Hope.

We met outside our rooms with masks, gowns and IV polls, but could tell with just our eyes that we were destine to meet and join each other in our journeys.

My friend Sonyah is now at UCLA awaiting a bone marrow transplant.  She inspires me everyday to be a better me and to be joyous in my reasons for this journey.

It only takes a swab of the mouth to be tested to save someone’s life with a bone marrow match.  I hope someone will be hers.