Pass The Cheez Whiz


I was warned at a young age to never ingest anything with poison stamped on it and to always stay away from danger.  We listened as kids!

I am in my second cycle of Consolidation and have been feeling its unfriendly side effects.  My body is warning me that I am taking “poison” and often tries to protect itself by getting rid of it and not always at the most opportune times.  Those childhood warnings were right.  If you happened to be at the Performing Arts two Thursdays ago, that was me hunched over the trash can, not a drunk Orange County Housewife.

I am in a full remission,  but I still have to worry about that one bad tenant (cell) that won’t abide by the eviction notice.  I know in my heart I want him gone, but I can’t help asking myself daily,  “can I survive another day of poisoning?”

I am amazed and so grateful that Doctors and Scientists are able to take substances that are not made for human consumption and discover their abilities to kill cancer.  I just know that someday I want the scariest thing I swallow to be Cheez Whiz!

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