The Naked Truth

Today with major encouragement from my 16 year old daughter, I went out without my wig, hat or scarf.  She believes I am confident and could pull off that I just choose to buzz my head.  The truth is, I did not feel like I was making any fashion statements, but instead felt completely self conscious and NAKED!   Oh how I felt like a cancer patient/survivor from what I perceived as stares all day.

 Now, I know that most folks could give a darn about me and whatever it is I choose to rock on my head or body, but I can’t escape that I do and that darn wig is going right back on my head before I walk out the door tomorrow.

 I’m no Mia Farrow yet!

One thought on “The Naked Truth

  1. I sympathize with you Donna and have had different experiences in my life where I felt something similar.

    You are a strong, beautiful and incredibly intelligent woman who has allowed us to share in your journey through cancer and I thank you for this!

    You are a total Rock Star in my eyes!!

    Rock on!!!

    Lucy Cocores


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