This is what 100% cancer free remission looks like!

 Received my bone marrow biopsy results today and there is NO cancer cells remaining.  Four more cycles of chemo (four months) once a week along with a new drug trial at the City Of Hope, followed by two years of pill chemo and I am going to stay in remission for a very long time!

No one has ever been able to tell me what I can not do.  I psyched myself believing this would be true with cancer too, but I believe besides having a very strong will to conquer, I would not have come this far without the love, support, prayers, thoughts, wishes, husband, children, family, friends, etc….in my life, along with really cute shoes.

Coat and Shoes-Zara (on sale).  Shirt and Sweater-J.Crew.  Pants-Pilcro Anthropologie.  Sunglasses-Jean Paul Gaultier.

5 thoughts on “Remission

  1. Sending you more strength, positive energy and loads and loads of love. By the way, that outfit I think I could pull off….You rock that..


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