Back To Dumpster Diving


After a nine month absence, I returned to my beloved Casa Teresa today to help sort clothing for Glenda’s Closet, a once a week sale to help raise funds.

My Dumpster Diva Sister’s have been one of my greatest supporters and I am so grateful to be back to my favorite Wednesday activity, Dumpster Diving.

Casa Teresa is a shelter for women who are 18 years or older who are pregnant and alone. If you would like to support this wonderful charity please call 714-538-4860.

The Next Chapter Begins

Today at the City Of Hope I started Consolidation consisting of 4 cycles of chemo in pill form and steroids, along with the Trial I am privileged to be apart of which is also a chemo pill.  I ended the day with an IV infusion to strengthen my bones.

I am 83 days post transplant and have been feeling so wonderful.  Somedays I even forget about cancer, only being reminded by an itchy bald head!

I know this next chapter is necessary to keep me in a strong remission, I’m just hoping the side effects do not include anymore hair loss!!!!!