C Word Update

I am 37 days post transplant.  Everyday I feel stronger and so thankful that  I have come this far.  The threat of cold and flu season is my biggest enemy, so I stay away from crowds and use a bottle of hand sanitizer a day.  My sweet husband accompanies me on almost all my excursions so he can guard me against germs.  Poor man is sanitized too.  I miss the carefree feeling of being out in the world and will be grateful when my immune system is fully recovered.  No matter how I am feeling I continue to get dressed daily.  Who says you can’t lounge in a cute outfit?

3 thoughts on “C Word Update

  1. Thank you Donna for your daily reports!! And keep on “dressing” every day. My Mom just turned 100! She can still do many things, a little exercise, a little cocktail, but she has always loved getting “dressed up” for the day…and like you she does pretty well. Keep it up!! You are my inspiration! Love and Hugs!!


  2. Hey There Poodle, I’m so flipp’n stoked for you.. You Rock Sister! Yes, keep dressing up for your day and stay positive..
    Peace out!!!XO


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