My Baby

Day +12

I really think the government needs to consider using Stem Cell Transplants as a means of torture for it’s prisoners, because I would tell you anything you wanted to know if it meant I could be done with this!  Sorry Honey and kids, I would spill your secrets too.

It’s not that I’m in pain, I’m just in the most massive amount of discomfort a human can take.  I keep having a reoccurring nightmare that I’m in one of those made for TV movies where there’s a major disaster and I keep yelling to my family to leave me and save themselves as I lie curled up in a ball.

I think this whole experience has been a lot like having a baby.  You’re never really prepared for labor no matter how many details other mom’s have given you and when you do finally go into labor, it’s like holy cow this is nothing like I thought.  But no matter what pain you experienced, there’s this overwhelming amount of joy because of the baby you hold in your arms.  I know when I leave here I will be holding my life in mine and boy do I plan on having an even greater one after this.

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