Model Nurse Aide

So maybe things aren’t so bad.  My night nurse’s aide just came in and I swear he’s an Abercrombie & Fitch model.  I’ve had low blood pressure the entire time I’ve been here and when he took it, I shot up to above normal!  When he asked if I was in any pain or needed anything else, my husband answered for me, “NO”!

So maybe everyone’s not lying to me and things really do get better.  All I know is, I might be buzzing the nurse a wee bit more tonight and I hope she’s busy and sends her aide.

2 thoughts on “Model Nurse Aide

  1. I’ve decided that you and Jack are Super Heros and your names are Superman and Wonder Woman!!!! You continue to amaze me in all you’ve both been through!

    You have a multitude of people who’ve got your back girl!!! I hope one day we get to meet!! FIGHT ON!!!!


  2. That’s my amazing friend Donna’s true personality coming through. You must be feeling way better if a cute aid could make your day feel that much brighter, when he walks in! Let me know if you’re up for company Sunday Donna! I want to see that A & F (could-be) model myself 😀


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