Can’t Wait To Overdress

Day +10

I’m sure in months from now, I will be singing Stem Cell Transplant’s praises, but for now I’m not liking anything about this.

Three days ago I hit the bottom.  No more white blood cells to combat anything that is going on in my body and boy does your body use those cells.  I have the worst sore throat, leading me to believe that a tracheotomy is my only hope for breathing.  Oh and the upset stomach.  Did I somehow consume a jar of jalapeños, because it sure feels like it when I go potty.  I’ve thought about bailing, calling a taxi and just fleeing this whole mess.  Cancer loves to mess with your head and it has been doing a number on mine.  I’ve had to pass the bathroom mirror way too many times this past couple of days and looking back at me is a cancer patient. I’m not sure how I didn’t see her before.

I’m told I have about 4 more days of this stage and then my white blood cells will start coming back.  I am trying to find a wee happy place to get me through.  I think a lot about getting dressed again, no kidding, I can’t wait to show cancer one more time that it will not crush me.  I think having to wear pajama’s for 3 weeks straight is also taking a toll on me, I might sleep fully dressed when I get home.

FU cancer I’m going to get through this stage!!  And in a couple of months from now you happen upon some overdressed woman in a Kentucky Derby hat while grocery shopping, be nice, it might be me.

3 thoughts on “Can’t Wait To Overdress

  1. I love you. So candid and so funny.

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    Executive Managing Director
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  2. You are a fighter, which we all knew, but also a writer. Your writing gives so much expression to what it is really like to fight cancer. You are in pain and able to put into words for us to understand. Fuck cancer!!!! love always Glenda


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