Doctor Jack McNutt Explains It All

Donna is currently at a high risk state with her immune system at a compromised condition with her white blood cell count at .5.  At this juncture her reintroduced stem cells are starting to “become” white blood cells and her count will increase day by day and should reach a 2.5 level by Day 10+ to Day 12+ and at that point there is a more rapid increase in white blood cell production and by Day 18+ to Day 21+ Donna will be at a 5.0 level.  A 5.0 level is the minimum number that the medical staff wants Donna’s white blood cell level to be at for them to give her the “OK” to go home.  Over time her count will get to 10.0-12.0 which is a normal level where her immune system will be an an optimal state.  The symptoms Donna is feeling (nausea, severe flu like symptoms and fatigue) are attributed from the stem cells metamorphosing into white blood cells and rapidly reproducing.  Interesting point – Donna’s red blood cells and platelets are created by her white blood cells.  The white blood cells are the key.

Jack Everett McNutt MD Editorial Credentials – Worked with for heart surgeon (who trained under Doctor DeBakey the God Father of Open Heart surgery) every summer during his high school years and at age 17, first assisted in preparing the chest cavity for a bypass operation including undoing the clamps to allow the flow of blood from the heart to the “heart lung machine” followed by stitching up the patients leg.

PS – I am the husband of a true warrior that approaches every day with courage, optimism and perseverance and remains mostly concerned about her family and friends and not her plight.

4 thoughts on “Doctor Jack McNutt Explains It All

  1. Donna is truly an inspiration and you must be a rock!! Thanks for the update and plain explanation of the process and journey. Go White Blood cells!!! Go Donna!!


  2. Thank you Jack for this update and information on Donna. We know that Donna is amazing but truly you are too!! Love you both Glenda and Peter


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