Thinking About Telly Savalas


This is what I’ve been doing all night, staring into my closet.  What does one wear to get her head shaved?  I use to LOVE going to my hairdresser, one of the hippest joints in town and boy did I like strutting my cute little bob in there and having her work her magic!

I knew I should of practiced tying scarfs around my head, this is so not like me to be fashionably ill prepared.  Geez, I just learned how to use the emojis on my phone and now I’m turning into one.

I think it best I sleep on this one.   I just hope I stop thinking about Telly Savalas.

One thought on “Thinking About Telly Savalas

  1. Your always the cutest walking in. I always double think my outfit when I’m gonna see you! All the girls wanna be you….Even the 20 yr olds!


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