Did I Tell You I Used To Teach Art and Dig In A Trash Bin?

For over the past decade I have been a volunteer at Casa Teresa, a shelter for women who are pregnant and alone.  Twice a week I would teach art classes with my friend Robin, who I call Poodle because she is as cute as a poodle and loves me unconditionally.  These classes proved to me, that inside everyone is a creative spirit waiting to be released.

I also worked once a week at Glenda’s Closet where a great group of volunteers, we named Dumpster Divas, would sort through donations out of industrial bins for a weekly sale.

I was devastated when my doctor informed me that I could not go back to Casa Teresa for a year after my transplant because of infection concerns.  “Why God, why?”   “Why would you take ME from this?”  It was all about ME, I tend to do that sometimes.  And then I had one of those divine moments of clarity when God spoke to my heart and assured me it was never about ME, but about Him getting me prepared for today, because those women have kept me going, inspired me when I am down and have gone from being Dumpster Diva’s to my dearest friends.

If you are interested in supporting Casa Teresa, please call:  714-538-4860.

One thought on “Did I Tell You I Used To Teach Art and Dig In A Trash Bin?

  1. We miss you so much, but it’s not like you are gone, you are in our hearts and we know you’ll be back! the accessories area has really taken a hit, and we still can’t tell a real designer bag from a knockoff. You have skills and we miss you!


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