Ruby Slippers And A Good Husband


No matter where my misadventures take me to escape being a wife and mother, all I have to do is click my beat up ruby slippers and there waiting at home is my understanding husband.

It is not always easy to love this crazy Italian redhead, but he has been up for the job ever since I hired him.

I would kiss his face 100 times a day if he let me.

He is the best man I know and he lets me buy a lot of ruby slippers.  xo

It’s My Party And I’ll Cry If I Want To


My stem cell transplant was a success and tonight the nursing staff came in to sing “Happy Birthday” to me.  I started crying it was so sweet.  I know that I will start becoming ill soon because of my immune system being compromised and having to wait until my new stems start working, but for now I am partying like a rock star and counting my blessings that all is going well.

Happy Stem Cell Birthday To Me


Today is my Stem Cell Birthday!!!  Early this afternoon I will be having my transplant and today will count as my first day in remission.  I have been counting down for this day for 7 months.  I am wearing my special transplant pajamas, got to rock it.  So long and FU Cancer.  xoxoxoxoxo

Pajamas-Target.  Slippers-Nordstrom Patricia Green.